Specimen Panels

These floor-to-ceiling photographs, or “Specimen Panels,” are intended to be seen as strips, or sections, of wallpaper that combine repeating patterns with “trompe l’oeil” mouldings, elaborate friezes, borders, and other architectural decoration.

These pieces refer to the interior decoration documents of Britain’s Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th century. The designer, William Morris, is particularly relevant for the ways his design work drew upon similarly themed subject matter, showing a love for all natural things and designing with an assurance gained from observing nature first hand. 

As with the Nature of Pattern portfolio, these pieces can be hung as stand-alone images, or they can tile up and across in order to cover larger wall surfaces.In this case the artwork is printed as wallcovering and hung by traditional paper hangers. This portfolio is also printed in two smaller sizes availabe as stand alone pieces. The scale of these bear resemblances to beautifully painted architctural renderings.